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7 Creative Easter Basket Ideas

Posted on April 05 2019

Easter is weeks away and now is the perfect time to go creative. Design the most unique Easter baskets for your loved ones using our Easter basket ideas. Think out of the basket this year and make this Easter memorable for years to come!

The spring season is on its way which means Easter is just around the corner. The days are becoming longer and warmer with the atmosphere filled with freshness. And you definitely want to double this springtime happiness with sweet Easter festivities.

The Easter morning brings a lot of excitement with it. When the kiddos wake up to find their special gifts hidden by the Easter bunny. This means the gifts really needs to be special to create lasting memories. While the store-bought regular Easter baskets can’t do the magic. Let us share some of our favorite Easter basket ideas which are super easy to make. And the best thing about designing your own basket is, it contains your own personal touch!

If you are looking for some crafting inspiration. Then we are sure you and your kids will definitely love our adorable Easter basket ideas. Some of these are not really baskets but other creative items having an Easter touch!

1.   Umbrella Basket

Creativity starts when you step out of your comfort zone to try things by going out of the way. This cute umbrella basket is also a creative DIY project that you should try this Easter. It will look super cool and unlike a regular basket, it has some practical use too.

You just need to use any regular umbrella (preferably bubble umbrella). Then put it upside-down and fill with some artificial grass along with Easter goodies. Also, it’s better to stick with one theme while choosing the fillers for this adorable basket.

2.   Tutu Easter Basket

You can easily add an extra flair of creativity to your store-bought regular basket. And your little princess would definitely love to receive such a cute present from the Easter bunny. Making this Tutu basket is quite easy and only needs less than half an hour.

Take tulle strips of your favorite colors and slip them through the spaces between the basket at the upper edge. Then tie them using a slip knot. The length of tulle strips depends on the size of the basket. You can also use glittery embellishments to decorate it. Lastly, fill with color books, candies, and other stuff.

You can order a custom Tutu from Sassy's Tutus on her Facebook Page.


3.   Candy Basket

Planning to create a candy-themed basket this time? Then make it even sweeter by not using a basket at all! In fact, the candy itself can be used to make a unique present for the kiddos. Take theatre-sized candy boxes, then use an adhesive to join them together to form a basket. While, a rope-like candy can make the handle of it. And that’s all! Now you can fill this edible basket with the child's favorite sweets. And it will surely turn out a great Easter gift!

4.   Outdoor Themed Basket

With Easter, there comes the spring. Which means lots of time playing outdoors. So, it would be a great idea to add outdoor toys to make this season fun for them. Some items which can be used for an outdoor-themed basket are; Kids toolset, sidewalk chalk, kites, bug catcher, etc.

5.   Sports Ball Easter Basket

Finding the perfect Easter basket becomes a challenge when your teenage kid is a sports lover. Keeping in view of their interest, pastel eggs and candies simply don't work. Then how about creating a basket with some sports keepsake? Such an egg-citing gift will be enough to make this Easter memorable for them.

You can use a personalized Photo Ball such as photo basketball or photo volleyball as an Easter basket filler. These balls can be customized with photos, text, and logo of the favorite team. Lastly, if you want to make it look like a more traditional basket. Wrap it in Cellophane along with colorful ribbons. This personalized Easter memento is a festive present for any sports fan.

6.   Rain Boot Basket  

Again, this is another exciting and non-traditional Easter basket idea. It is very easy to make, and your child will be happy to receive such a practical gift. Take any kind of colorful rain boots and fill them with gardening tools along with spring flowers and you are good to go!

7.   Warm and Cozy Easter Basket

An Easter basket filled with cozy stuff works well for adults. As they tend to value practical gifts. This warm and cozy basket is also based on the sports theme.

You’ll need just 3-4 items to design this creative basket. A large sized basket, a blanket, a mug, and a nice warm beverage can actually make this season’s loveliest Easter basket. And since it’s for a sports lover, you might want to use a personalized sports blanket. At WovenArt, you can find a variety of such woven blankets which can be customized with texts, colors, and logos.

So, these are the few simple items that you can add up to create a meaningful gift for a sports fan!

Hope you enjoyed our creative Easter basket ideas and will make use of them this year. Happy Easter!

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