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Basketball Sports Banquet Ideas and Gifts

Posted on November 19 2019

Yes, it's basketball season!    Basketball is my favorite sport. I like to dribble the ball up and down the court. The beginning of each season is an exciting time for all basketball teams and fans.  When it comes down to the end of the season, it's about basketball banquets and celebrations.

Most teams host an awards banquet at the end of the year. If you are in charge or helping with this year's basketball banquet you have come to the right place. You'll want to know about decorations, food and gift ideas for your graduating seniors; or perhaps your school gifts to every player on the team.

Basketball Banquet Food Ideas

You can do a full sit down dinner, brunch or maybe keep it simple with walking appetizers or desserts. It really depends on the format of your evening.  If you have speeches and and videos many parents prefer a sit down dinner so they can enjoy while listening to the presentation.  Spaghetti and meatballs is always a good choice on a budget.  Check out this cute idea we found on Pinterest.  Looks like it can be easily made with some paper cups, paper, a marker and cheese balls.


Basketball Banquet Decorations

You can put player jerseys on the chairs as chair covers.  This is an easy and free decorating tip. Use balls, pom poms, trophies and other items for unique centerpieces.

Basketball banquet centerpieces


Basketball Banquet Gifts

We have put together a list of popular basketball banquet gift ideas.  Players and coaches love the custom products commemorating their season and team.

    Photo Basketball

      Customize the photo basketball with pictures of specific players. Or add a team picture that every player can enjoy. And these cool photo basketballs are currently on sale!

      Full Size Photo Basketball

        Basketball Team Blanket

          You can gift a basketball team blanket to your players and/or coach. The blanket  may include a collage of memorable moments of the team, or simply a full color photo of the entire team. Personalize it further with player names, dates, school and more.

          Basketball team photo blanket

            Extreme Sports Blanket

              Another idea is of extreme sports blanket for the team or coach to celebrate and commemorate the season. You can customize with your team colors, school name, mascot, player number and more!

              Woven Pillow Shams

              You can customize pillow shams for every player with his/her name or picture. Or again, you could do a team photo. You could also add an inspirational quote on the pillow-like “Never give up” to motivate the team for the future. Really the customization is completely up to you.  Get wild and crazy! We love custom!


              Basketball Coach Gift

                  Wanna thank your coach? A basketball banquet is incomplete without recognizing the devotion put in by the coach. Regardless of the record at the end of the season, it's essential to recognize the effort put in by the coach. They will love the photo basketball or we even have personalized thank you coach basketball blankets.  These can be woven with player names in the border or players can even sign with a sharpie.


                  Each one of these is a great gifts and can be a Christmas gift too. If you are looking for great gift ideas for the basketball player or basketball sports lover look no further!

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