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Cheerleading Banquet Ideas | High School Pom Banquets

Posted on October 17 2019

Almost every high school has a Cheer and Poms squad.. Any game or sports is incomplete without motivation and it is definitely the cheerleaders which perform this function during a match or game and even keeps the team entertained during timeouts. Cheer camps and cheer meets are a big part of the sport.  Most sports are a season but many times cheerleading is a year round sport. If you are in charge or helping with your cheerleading banquet or pom team banquet we have everything you need.  From decorations to food and gift ideas.

For every sport whether it is football, baseball, volleyball or rugby, cheerleading plays a vital role. Every team does better when there is someone cheering for them. The cheerleading team banquet at the end of the sports season is a time to recognize their efforts. Like all other sports team banquets, the cheerleading team banquet has its own significance. 

Cheerleading Video Highlights

A video highlight of the very start of the sports season to the end of the season is something that will make your evening most memorable. Show the cheerleaders how their appreciation proved to be fruitful for the players in the victory. You can add pictures and videos both in the slideshow but make sure it includes each and every cheerleader on the squad.  Records the Pom routines and highlight their best moves.


Cheerleader Banquet Food Ideas

Depending on the size of your squad you can opt for a full sit down dinner, walking appetizers, dessert buffet or even a fun brunch.  The key is checking with everyone's schedules to make sure all can be included.  These adorable pom pom cupcakes with directions from Wilton are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

 Chearlder banquet pom pom cupcakes

 Trophies, Awards and Cheerleader Gift Ideas

The banquet would definitely be incomplete without appreciating the dedication and hard work of the cheerleaders and pom participants. Our selection of cheerleader gift ideas can be used as awards, trophies or just to gift to your graduating seniors.

1. Cheerleader Team Blanket

This is a full color blanket.  You simply provide the photo and any text you want to include.

Chearleader Banquet Team Blanket


Cheer Blanket


2. Photo Cheer Megaphones

Cheerleaders love their megaphones. Any they will love them even more when they are personalized. You can customize your photo megaphone for each team member with their name written on it and a team photo or individual photo.


Photo Megaphone

 3. Ultimate Cheer Woven Blanket

This could be the ultimate gift you can give to all the girls or even the coach. Customize your cheer blanket with your colors and text.

Cheerleader Woven Blanket


4. Don't Forget the Cheer Coach

Every great cheer team or pom squad needs a coach.  Be sure to show your thanks with a special personalized coach gift. This is super cool as you can get woven in any color and in the white border area you can include team names or use a sharpie for the members of the squad to sign.

We have other coach ideas as well.  Click here for a full list of coach gift ideas.


5.  Cheer Mom Gifts

 The cheer Mom often goes overlooked.  But the tireless hours they put in deserve to be recognized. Very similar to the coach blanket we have Team Mom blankets.


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