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Football Team Banquet Ideas and Gifts

Posted on September 16 2019

Sports, football especially, is one of the most popular social activities. There is no denying, the start of every season kicks off with a lot of trepidation and high expectations. However, when it comes down to end of the football season, it’s all about celebrations. No matter what the success story is; at the end of the season, the team celebrates the challenges they have overcome as well as the growth they have made.

Therefore, planning for a football team banquet and gifts might be just one of the easiest things to do. Whether you are celebrating a big game or an end of the year party, the team will definitely appreciate well thought of gifts and a football banquet party.

Here are a few things that you should consider for your football banquet.

Football Team Logo Blanket


1.     Video Highlight Slideshow

A video walk-though of how the season has been for the team will definitely be one of the most powerful moments of the evening. Highlight the big games and major plays.  Try to make sure there is at least one slide or video clip of every player. It can also be a cute idea to show the players as kids and then what they look like today.

There is no denying this could be time-consuming, but it is part of the evening that will leave the whole team feeling grateful about the season. Probably, feeling even more positive about the following season.  Ask your team captains if there was a particular song that the team would like incorporated into the football banquet video.

You can take photos from highlights and weave into full color photo blankets for player gifts.  Especially for graduation seniors or team captains.

Football highlights photo blanket


2.     The Food

Let's face it.  Football player like to eat, especially high school boys. On such an eventful evening, the ideas for foods to serve are limitless. But football teams usually have a lot of players to feed. You'll never go wrong with simple food like pizza, hotdogs, and hamburgers. Rally up the parents to bring waffle irons.  Chicken and waffles is a cheap and easy dinner to throw together that the boys will love.  If the football banquet time isn't over dinner consider a dessert buffet.  Have parents bring their favorite dishes to make it easy.

chicken and waffles cheap football banquet food


3.     Awards and Trophies for the Coach and Players

A football team banquet cannot be complete without recognizing the dedication and hard work put in by both the players and the coach. Whether the season was a loss or a win, it’s important to recognize the effort put in by everyone. You can get the THANKS! Coach Woven Blanket for the team’s coaches.

Also, you can celebrate the team with this fine sports woven blanket that can be customized to fit the color of the team, the name of the team, the coach and even the roaster. This is one of the best trophies for the team that will leave a lasting memory for years.


4.     Parting Gifts for the Coach and Players.

When the season is over and it’s time to celebrate, the best way to cherish and remember the season is by offering parting gifts, especially for graduating seniors. This serves as one of the best mementos. Some of the ideas that you can take into consideration include a customized photo football which you can either gift your favorite team member of even the coach.

This photo football combines colors, photos and desired texts about the team or player in a 32-panel display. You can also add a photo ball case display for photo football. This is a perfect way of displaying the beautiful photo ball.


Best Photo Football

You can also consider getting your special player a personalized sports woven blanket to celebrate the season. The best part is that you can have the name of the player added as well as your desired text. For the entire team, you can get a team sports woven blanket that you can have the names of the entire team added as well as the team’s logo and roster.

Personalized items are one of the best ways to gift your team player or coach. That is why the day cannot be complete without one of these incredible extreme sports personalized towels. This is just the best way to wow your coach or favorite team player.


Senior football banquet gifts

Football team photo blanket


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