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Remembrance Photo Blanket | Bereavement Gifts WovenArt

Posted on June 28 2019

Losing a loved one is one of the daunting experiences in people’s life. Their world becomes upside down and things lost meaning to them. In such a situation, what can you offer to reduce their grief? Of course, your support and care are important for them. But a remembrance gift significantly helps them to survive through the difficult times. Read on to find the best bereavement photo blankets and sympathy throws.

”How can a heart understand the pain of another heart and still do nothing?”

The death of a family member is a traumatic experience for anyone. At times of such loss, we always try to support them with something that reduces their pain. And also, to make them realize that we truly care.

Sometimes, a hug or shoulder to cry on is not just enough. Most of the people grieving over the loss of their loved try to gain support from tangible things. Such as a memorial to reflect back on the memories of the departed soul. These remembrance gifts are a great way to show your condolence at times when everything seems upside down.

Try giving them remembrance photo blankets as they will help to provide warmth to your bereaved friend, colleague or family-member. These bereavement blankets also serve as a great alternative to sympathy flowers and something they can cherish.

I recently had a dear friend pass away leaving 4 beautiful little girls behind and an adoring husband.  As a mother myself I simply can't fathom my children growing up without a Mom.  I ordered photo blankets from Woven Art for each girl with a picture of them and their Mom.  The five year old immediately wrapped herself up in it. And the 10 year old smiled. 

Rememberance Blanket

Here are the few of the condolence photo blankets that you can get from WovenArt to comfort a bereaved friend.

Remembrance Photo Blanket

A remembrance photo blanket is a thoughtful yet personalized way to share your deepest sympathies with bereaved the family. You can customize this woven blanket with a picture of the person who left the world. It will act as an eternal tribute for that special person by making their memories come alive. Not only this, but the grieving person can wrap in the warmth of this sympathy photo blanket. It will be a reminder that their loved one has not left, and their memories will always be there.

Our woven Photo blankets are created through high-quality weaving. Meaning that the photo will not peel off or fade away. Hence making it an ever-enduring gift to share the pain of your friend.


Bereavment Photo Blanket

Bereavement Fleece Blanket 

Offer an outlet for grief for your friend bereaving over the loss of their loved one. This condolence fleece blanket will help to overcome stress during difficult times. You can customize these photo blankets with inspirational text, religious or non-religious bereavement messages. Such personalized gift will be more special than temporary flowers and will help to inspire their hopes. They can also use these fleece photo blankets as throws and your personal words of support over them will act as a gentle reminder of your care.

Memory College Blanket

Do you want to give more memories of the departed person to your friend? Then our memory college blankets are made for you. These sympathy blankets can be customized with many photos and other condolence text. It will create a complete picture of the lost life and also provide a snapshot of memories. With this collage photo blanket, the bereaved person may find peace by wrapping in the warmth of this enduring memento.  


Collage Photo Blanket



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