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Posted on March 29 2019

Are you an artist that would love to resell your art on multiple mediums or find opportunities for additional income?  As a artist myself, I want to help other artists share their art with the world.

My company, WovenArt has been creating high quality woven items for over 20 years.  We use the highest quality yarn, most yarn per square inch, and our colors are the best in the industry.  

Many artists offer prints, or other duplications of their art, but the market is pretty saturated with that kind of product.  Imagine your artwork on a woven tapestry that can be hung on a wall? It’s a beautiful way to offer your art in a unique presentation.  Some of my artwork that has been transformed into tapestry is on display all over the world, even at Disney World.

Resell Your Art on Tapestries

We can literally take your painting and weave it into a beautiful tapestry. These are not regular designs but some of the most stunning masterpieces made by international artists.  Artists just like you! Currently, we have been working with several talented artists who have brought many unique designs to our gallery. Some of these incredible artists include:

WovenArt’s unique line of goods stand out as the result of 0ver 20 years of perfecting exclusive palettes and weaves, found only in our products. We custom make these tapestries, and all our products are woven, not printed, sublimated or heat transferred. Also, we can create custom one off sizes for your art in just about any size. WovenArt thus provides an amazing platform to all the artists out there by letting them launch their art designs in the trendiest way.  

Resell Your Art on Blankets

Our art blankets are our number one selling product.  Customers love have beautiful art pieces for their home decor.  And you are free to promote your blankets on your website or social media platforms.  We use the highest quality colors and 100% recyclable yarn in our woven products and have received rave reviews from all over the world.

Additional Woven Art Products

We can also transform your artwork into several unique articles such as tote bags,, pillows, and gallery wrapped tapestries.  These everyday items, incorporated with the classical textures and designs, bring a new trend in the market. Also, now, your artwork can be purchased by our customers easily on our website, via our online gallery, and you enjoy the royalties!  We have over 18,000 followers on Facebook. Futhermore we have just hired on a professional digital marketing agency to help promote all of our products. The professionals at the agency, BeWib, have been helping companies with websites search engine optimization for over 20 years.

To be considered to have your art included, you simply need to provide your contact details and sample art.  Click here to upload your information.

We are extremely proud to let you know that we receive numerous proposals of artistic designs from several artists, willing to publish their art designs in our Artist’s Gallery. However, we are bound to our special selection protocol and therefore, cannot accept all proposals. We maintain a high standard selecting approach for choosing high quality unique artworks from among various artists.

If selected we will transform your art into these amazing woven products and offer them for sale on our website. We determine the pricing and you will receive 12% in royalties every time your items are purchased.

Sell Art Products on Your Website

If you would like to sell these products on your own website you can do that too and you might be interested in our wholesale program, which offers incredible discounts to you off our retail pricing.

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