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Volleyball Team Banquet Ideas and Gifts

Posted on September 26 2019

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports around the world and only a sports fan knows about the hard work the players put in every day.  But when it is the end of the season, its all about the celebration. It doesn’t matter what the story is. And whether you win or lose, an end of the season banquet is an integral part of the school program, to celebrate the team's hard work.  If you are in charge or helping out with the Volleyball team banquet, we have put together some helpful ideas and tips.

Volleyball Team Banquet

There are many volleyball team banquet ideas and gifts to show your appreciation and add the cherry on the top of a volleyball season. After the end of a game or winning the championship; appreciation is what they deserve the most. So, here are some easy and thoughtful volleyball team banquet gifts and ideas for you.

Personalized Volleyball Gifts

Whether you want to give gifts to the whole team or just the graduating seniors or team captains, custom volleyball gifts are always the best option. Honor them with something special, something that can keep forever to remind them of these perfect moments. There are many options available. From volleyball keychains, picture frame, shirts, mugs, volleyball photo blankets, custom photo volleyballs and much more.

Volleyball Team Blankets

You can get team photos or photo blankets for of each individual playe, but most popular is a photo of the seniors together.  Again, this is something the players will keep and treasure for years to come.  When the photo is forever on their blanket, they have the memories forever.

Team Volleyball Blanket


Volleyball Trophies and Awards

Get some customized awards and trophies for the players and the coach. Not only for their efforts but choose the moments. Like the funniest moment or the best play. Also, be sure to give special credit to the coaches.  This custom "Thank You Coach" blanket can be customized with any colors you choose and include player names, numbers and more.  Add the school logo and year.  Get as creative as you would like , starting st just $44.95.

Thank you volleyball coach

Volleyball Banquet Food Ideas

Volleyball teams are generally small enough where you can do a full sit down meal with your banquet or you can opt for more appetizer options that are easy to hold as people mingle. Sliders, wings and pizza are always a hit.

And no celebration today is completed without dessert.  A volleyball cake or cupcakes are sure to be a hit.  Check out this cool cake from Sweet Anne's LLC.

Volleyball Cake


A Volleyball Highlight Video Slideshow

Revisit the highlights of the season with a video slideshow.  Ask other parents to share photos as most only take pictures of their kids and you'll want to show off the whole volleyball team. Showing them their most perfect moments of the game will be a great surprise. Ask the players if they have a team song and put the whole thing to music. Ensure that there is a picture or video of every player and the coach. 

You can use these pictures and turn them into different customized gifts too.

So, these are some of the volleyball banquet ideas and gifts for a perfect celebration and showing the team how much their efforts meant.

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