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Eco-Friendly Woven Art Blankets

Posted on April 22 2019

Today, the world is celebrating Earth Day while eco-friendliness, sustainability, and recycling have already become a topic of interest for many people. WovenArt is also a renowned brand for its environmentally friendly woven art products. We started this business with a vision to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. Although we believe that crafting is all about creating something new. But there is no reason not to do it by becoming environmentally conscious. That is why we only use recycled cotton yarn and other organic materials to create stunning woven art blankets.


Some Facts About our Custom Woven Art Blankets

For us, art is passion and we enjoy creating elegant woven products every day, but we also do it responsibly. Whether it’s the organic yarn that we use or daily production process. We strive hard to keep all the decisions eco-friendly at every step.

The textile industry is currently using many nonbiodegradable fibers having an adverse social and environmental impact. Unlike them, we have decided to use a more sustainable alternative that is recycled cotton yarn. In fact, it has been our favorite yarn to work with for many years. It’s made by collecting the pre-consumer cotton remnants which would go to the landfills otherwise. Later converted into beautiful yarn with an array of colors. We then further use it in our crafting to create unique and one-of-its-kind woven art blankets and throws.

In order to ensure that we are not harming the earth. We only used yarn which fulfills the Global Recycling Standard. This means that our recycled material is free from any harmful chemicals. And are made keeping in view the sustainability objective. Additionally, our 100% recycled yarn provide the environment with the following benefit:

  • The cotton yarn needs minimal chemical processing as compared to synthetic fiber.
  • By using recycled material, the cotton waste sent to landfills reduces significantly.
  • It also helps to save water, land, and pesticides used to grow new cotton.
  • It also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals to dye the virgin yarn.
  • The use of energy, dye, and other resources significantly reduces by using the yarn which has already been processed. It also helps to reduce fossil fuel and carbon emission into the environment.

Impactful Changes YOU Can Make This Earth Day

WovenArt is already playing its part to keep this homeland green. But there is also a need that individual should also become conscious about the growing environmental challenges. The global temperature and CO2 emissions are rising, and it seems like it’s impossible to reverse this change. But together we can make the magic happen to save our planet earth. And here is how you can do it.

Buying Eco-Friendly Products

Your buying pattern can largely influence the environment. Therefore, you really need to make smart decisions while purchasing any kind of goodies. Try to deviate from products which are nonbiodegradable or were produced by harming the environment in the first place.

For example, using woven art blankets are also a sustainable option to consider. In fact, those who are socially and environmentally conscious among you will prefer to get cozy under them. No matter if your goal is to reduce the carbon footprint or to use the cruelty-free product. Our Custom blankets and throws are all in one package. Also, you’ll also be saving energy as woven blankets will come into play in winter. Then you’ll curl under them instead of turning up the thermostat!

Another important decision that you can make is buying reusable products in place of disposable ones. This is especially important to reduce the plastic waste created by shopping bags other such items. Considering buying reusable tote bags instead of them. Although these are some little steps but can make a big difference in the long run!

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