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How to Make A Custom Photo Blanket - Woven Art

Posted on July 08 2019

Want to add a decorative but practical home décor item to your house. Or looking for the coolest personalized gift for a loved one? Then try creating a custom photo blanket from WovenArt. Making it is so much fun and you will also be surprised by the quality and stunning colors which will last a lifetime. Best for cuddling up on beach nights or anniversary gifts, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, birthdays, graduations and more. They are also a great way to remember a loved one.

What is A Photo Blanket?

Photo blankets are a great way to commemorate an event or a keepsake. That’s why they make up a wonderful gifts for anniversaries, weddings, bereavement, Mother’s Day, sports, you name it!

These photo blankets are also used as a home décor item in the bedroom, or as table or sofa throws. Either way, they are a perfect way to add warmth and coziness to the house. Not only this but you can also cuddle up in them on beach parties and outdoor adventures.

The thing that makes photo blankets special is the option of customizing them with whatever picture you like. This not only keeps the precious memories alive but also make them on-of-its-kind presents for the loved ones.

Custom Photo Blanket

History of Photo Blankets

The history of photo blankets is as old as the history of blankets themselves. From the very start, people have been using them to create stories, to honor the dead or to create artworks. The basic purpose of creating such blankets with pictures and symbols was to tell stories about historical events. Also, they wanted to create decorative items with some practical use.  

Even the ancient Egyptians used gold and other colored threads to create shapes and pictures over the blankets and tapestries. They also used dyes for painting pictures and historical events on papyrus. They did so in order to honor the prominent people of society and also their gods at that time.

Similarly, Indonesian tribes have also been using batik (a dying technique) to create pictures and patterns on blankets and throws. Their primary purpose was to pass down history and storytelling.

In the modern world, the techniques to create photo blankets have revolutionized. Now, more complex methods are being used to make blankets showcasing the pictures and memories or to display artworks. Although the technology has changed the way pictures are weaved, printed or knitted but the primary purpose remained the same.

WovenArt was the first company to weave photos onto blankets for sale to general consumers.  We have now been in business for over 20 years!

How To Make A Photo Blanket At WovenArt?

At WovenArt, creating a custom photo blanket is as simple that you never imagined before. Want to create a lasting family heirloom photo blanket? Or want to surprise a loved one with a stunning photo blanket having your memories together? Our expert team can make it done by going above and beyond your expectations.

The process is quick and simple, just browse through a variety of photo blanket templates on our website. Select the one you like and enter some details regarding your exclusive custom blanket. After selecting a photo blanket, enter the following details before moving forward to check out:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Select size among four options (standard, X large, medium, small)
  3. Select quantity
  4. Add your desired images
  5. Add your text, date, name, message, etc. (optional) and any other additional information.
  6. Add delivery details and payment information.
  7. Submit!

And you are done! Making a custom photo blanket is that simple when you work with a customer-obsessed company like us. And the quality and stunning colors of the final product will surely amaze you.

woven photo blanket

We offer two types of photo blankets and you can select one that matches your taste. Both of our woven photo blankets and plush fleece photo blanket makes a gift or heirloom that lasts a lifetime. Because we craft each blanket with utmost precision and care. WovenArt takes pride at having 20 years of experience at making your memories come alive with our personalized woven products.

Family Photo Blanket

We love this craftsmanship and hope that you’ll enjoy the warmth of our photo blankets for years to come!

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