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Woven Photo Tapestries

Posted on July 15 2019

Woven photo tapestries, reminiscent of middle ages, are now making their way into the mainstream home décor trends. Although wall hangings were once considered as one of the expensive wall décor items. But now, you can get them in a limited budget and also with a lot of customization options. No matter it’s favorite artwork or family photo. WovenArt can turn it into amazing woven tapestries that will be cherished for years.


Woven tapestry


Woven Wall Hangings and Photo Tapestries – An Emerging Microtrend

During recent years, we've observed that 70's inspired home décor is on the rise. One exciting microtrend typically cropping up in home décor magazines is the use of textural tapestries to decorate the walls. Even if you explore Pinterest for interior decoration ideas. You’ll get to see lots of woven tapestries and custom wall hangings with unique designs and colors.

One of the reasons that this reminiscent of 70’s era is making its comeback is its versatile nature. That is, you can not only add beauty and color of traditional wall-art, but they also offer warmth and texture.  Even Disney World hired us for some of their class tapestries.


Disney Tapestry

Get Your Photo Tapestry at WovenArt

WovenArt is also a place where you can get these trending custom photo tapestries to give you some 70’s vibes. What we offer is unique and different from others. Because our wall hangings represent a unique combo of ancient artwork with modern textures, exquisite fiber, and chunky threads.

Our fiber and textile artists are not simply reviving old styles. But they are, in fact, giving this trend a new life. Not only this, but we also offer you to make your own woven tapestry through customization. No matter, it’s your family photo or artwork, we can make it alive by weaving it over a custom tapestry. This way, you can express your own personal styles to decorate your walls in a unique way.

If you are someone who is drawn to anything that is locally produced and have a rich history to tell, WovenArt is your place! Let’s explore some amazing woven photo tapestries ideas for home décor and also for gift giving.


Woven Photo Tapestry Wall Hanging

Do you want to make your precious memories come alive? Then why not to turn your special family moments into a beautiful tapestry? And you'll be amazed by the incredible quality and stunning colors of this remarkable heirloom photo tapestry designed by WovenArt.

Either you can proudly display them in your home or gift them on anniversaries, birthdays, graduation and weddings. And also, it will not be an average personalized gift but a unique keepsake to proudly display at home!


Photo Tapestry

Weave Your Art Tapestry Wall Hanging

This one is another one-of-its-kind woven tapestry which you can customize with your own artwork. If you are an artist, this woven tapestry will be an exciting medium to display your artwork. Your options are endless including modern color combinations or dramatic textural patterns.

Or simply tell us about any of your favorite artwork and we will convert it into a cozy woven tapestry. This amazing item will not only add a flare to your wall décor. But you can also present it as a sentimental gift to a loved one.   

Military Pride Tapestry Wall Tapestry

This military pride wall hanging is another great option to add a vintage-inspired touch to your home. It also makes a great sentimental gift for military persons, veterans and families of soldiers who went down during duty. After all, these are the people who have sacrificed too much for their nation. And they deserved to be acknowledged and appreciated in the best way.

Our military pride tapestry will be a reminder of your love for them.


Navy Tapestry

Logos and Business Tapestry Wall Hanging

A tapestry customized with your business logo can be a perfect appreciation or fundraiser gift. Not only this, but you can also use this amazing tapestry in promotional activities as well. The fine texture and unsurpassed quality of our logo tapestry will surely amaze you. Also, you can get an exclusive discount by ordering multiple tapestries here.


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