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Gifts for Graduating Seniors

Posted on September 06 2019

Wovenart has been specializing in creating custom photo products for over 20 years.  Our real specialty is helping capture memories.  One big memory every parent and child celebrates is graduating high school. Now, what is the perfect high school sports banquet gift or graduation gift?

When the high school graduates throw their hats into the air, comes another new chapter in their lives. That is why it is important to capture their memories with a special gift. Whether the student is taking a gap year, is college-bound or jumping right into the career world you need to show them that family and friends care and appreciate their effort.

Finding the perfect gift can be quite a challenge, especially if you are looking into offering something more than just a gift card. You need to be creative and relevant at the same time. You can probably start by figuring out the memories they would like to cherish from high school.


5 High School Senior Gift Ideas

1.     Sports Blankets

Sports blankets are another ideal way of capturing high school sports memories. That is why it makes a great gift for the sports banquet for graduating seniors. The best part about these sports blankets is that you can have them personalized to your team colors, and even have the athlete's name woven in.  Add pictures of memorable sports moments, logos and more.

The best part is that these sports blankets come in high-quality materials that will last for years to come.

We have sports blankets for EVERY sport and club imaginable and if we don't have a sample for your sport we will make one!  Whether they were the star of the football team, the anchor of the swim team or in the chess club we have a blanket for that!


2.     Woven Photo Blankets


These high quality woven photo blankets are another memorable gift for graduating seniors. Using the photos of your choice, you will get an amazing photo blanket that features their best high school memories.  One of the most popular ideas is a shot of the seniors from the team woven into the perfect sports banquet gift. Or maybe you want one with a picture of their new college.  Perhaps a collage of family photos they can take with them when they head off on their next adventure so they won't get homesick.

The best part is that you can use even the photos in your cell phone to make the photo blanket. It can either be photo collage or a single photo, whichever you prefer. The fact that it gives you a wide room for creativity, it’s such a great way of celebrating any graduating senior.

3.     Photo Balls

Sports is the one memory that most graduating seniors would like to keep from high school. In that case, you can get them unique sports gifts such as photo balls. These are a great choice that will give the graduate a lasting memory.We carry photo balls for football, basketball, rugby, soccer and volleyball.  We also have a photo baseball bat and photo megaphone for cheerleaders.

You simply upload all the photos and any text you would like us to include on your custom gift.

Custom Photo Volleyball


4.     Photo Pillows

Do you have a picture from high school that you would love to be printed on a custom woven pillow? If yes, then this is just the perfect gift for your graduating senior. You will love the fact that the photos are imprinted on the pillows with precise detail. I used to joke with my kids I was going to have my picture printed on a pillow so they could take to college.

5.     Photo and Sports Towels

A towel is something a graduate will be needing even after high school. So why not make a lasting memory with these photo towels that you can have imprinted with one of their favorite photos. Photos of their high school friends, family and more.  You get to be as creative as you'd like.

The front of the photo towel has a smooth texture to enhance the photo clarity while the back features textured cotton.


Custom Senior Graduation Gifts are Always the Best

Of course all kids love money and gift cards but as soon as they are spent there is nothing to cherish.  Instead, give them a gift they will appreciate for years.  We have an entire section dedicated to senior graduation gift ideas

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